Authorization to enter Chile

Authorization to enter Chile

When a pet enter to Chile or goes out of Chile it must comply whit same steps that Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG) required. Emergencia Veterinaria offer you services of healthy control and to fulfill the certificated to travel at your home or, if you are in the airport, we go there to supervise your pet and help to have the authorization for the entry/destination of your pet to the country.

Requirements for pet´s entry to Chile

Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG) authorizes the income pets – dogs, cats and ferrets – country, provided that these animals comply with current health requirements.

Who is it aimed?

Owners of dogs, cats and ferrets who wish to enter with these pets at Chile.


• Submit a health certificate issued by the official health authority of the country of origin of the mascot, extended in Spanish and in the official language of the country of origin, issued for a maximum of 10 calendar day’s period.

• The certificate must certify that:

• The animal was subjected to a clinical examination by a medical veterinarian within 10 days of the shipment, which recognized him free from communicable and parasitic infectious diseases.

• The mascot was vaccinated against rabies, as a minimum 1 month and maximum 12 months prior to shipment or was carried out a test to identify antibodies to the rabies virus (with minimum result of 0.5 IU/ml), 3-24 months prior to travel.

• The animal received an external and internal parasite treatment of wide spectrum within 30 days of the shipment.

• Ferrets/males or females, were infertilizados through some permanent method.

In addition, the certificate must include:

• History of the owner.

• History of the pet (vaccinations, tests and treatments).

• Address where they will remain in Chile.

Once in Chile, the animals must remain in confinement in the particular destination address, for a period of 10 calendar days.

Required documents

• Health official certificate (original).

Where is it made?

In the enabled Border controls for entry to Chile.


Free of charge.


• Authorization to enter Chile with the dog, cat or ferret.


• Not to comply with the documentation and required certification, the SAG is empowered to adopt health measures as it deems appropriate.

• People coming out of Chile with their pets for a period exceeding 21 days, must comply with these requirements upon returning to the country.

• If people leave the country for less than 21 days, should only submit a copy of the health certificate of export and the rabies vaccination certificate examination which determines antibody against rabies virus on his return.

Remember: only and external veterinary doctor from the Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG) authority can give health certificated to the paccients such as dogs, cats or ferrets. The SAG is not permitted to give that service in the airport. They must go to external colleagues. Emergencia Veterinaria offers you this service at the airport, for those people that doesn’t have this certificated. You can contact us to our phones for ask this service

Requirement for pet´s that goes out from Chile

Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG), issues certificates that credited a pet – dogs, cats or ferrets – meets the health requirements laid down in the country of destination.

In addition, this document allows returning the pet Chile, provided that the stay abroad does not exceed 21 calendar days. To request the certificate therefore please indicate that it is a temporary solution.

Who is it aimed?

People who travel abroad with dogs, cats or ferrets, temporarily or permanently.


• Before you request the certificate, check the respective consulates the sanitary requirements of the country of destination, as well as the force that recognizes the official health authority to the health certificate.

• Some countries require the legalization of the health certificate, which must be requested at the legalization Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, finally, to submit these documents to the Consulate or Consular section of the country which will be used for the purposes of authentication.

Required documents

• Health certificate issued by a medical private veterinarian.

• Certificate of rabies vaccine or test to determine antibody against rabies virus.

Where is it made?

In the regional offices of the SAG.


0.14 UTM (CH$5.500 Chilean pesos)


Export health certificate.


• When traveling outside Chile temporarily with his dog, cat or ferret, report the situation to when requesting the certificate applies for export.

• To return your pet wherever within 21 calendar days, you just have to submit copies of animal health certificate and certificate of rabies vaccination or examination which determines antibody against rabies virus.

• If the stay abroad exceeds that period, you must obtain a new certificate issued by the official health authority of the country of origin.

Remember: : Those health certificated must be given for veterinary doctor external or private has no relation with the authority represented by the Servicio Agricola y Ganadero (SAG). Emergencia Veterinaria goes to your house to fullfill this certificated. If you need this, please contact to our phones.